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Iranian high profile cyber attack has hit Charlie Hebdo

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The Charlie Hebdo incident has been used by alleged Iranian cyber soldiers to spread false information about the Charlie Hebdo incident. The openDNS noticed that a false BBC website was setup to spread false information about the Charlie Hebdo incident.

The Fake BBC website was flagged by the openDNS security lab as it was spreading false information and it has no connection with the official BBC network.

The report which has been crafted by the openDNS security lab provided insight in the fake Charlie Hebdo BBC environment. The report noted that the website is fake and that social media was used to spread the disinformation to draw visitors.

fake bcc website

There was a 16.5 spike in queries towards the fake bbc website and the website had external links to state-sponsored Iranian media outlets. They also used columns of known American’s to increase their “credibility” for the false information which was shared via the fake bbc website.

We have noted this down as a high profile cyber attack as there was a lot of effort taken to produce the fake bbc environment. The report concluded that the fake bbc domain was using the Cloudflare service to protect itself against unwanted actions. The researchers from openDNS were able to identify the real IP by using the Crimeware service which tracks down official IP’s which are behind Cloudflare protection services.

The fake BBC website also claimed that it has a clue for the CICADA 3301 internet puzzle. This concludes that the operators behind the fake BBC domain are aware of the latest trends on the internet. The CICADA 3301 internet puzzle is a game which is played by thousands of people around the world. The users are forced to find clues on the internet so they can complete the CICADA 3301 puzzle.

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