Iranian Hacking Websites

The Persian Cyber Journey

Iranian security experts and hackers use Iranian Hacking websites and Iranian Hacking forums to exchange information on vulnerabilities and exploits.

The Iranian people are very active on the internet, the internet allows them to educate other security experts.

The Iranian government funds the Ashiyane forum as it is a massive portal for them to train Iranian Cybersoldiers.

Behrooz Kamalian

The most famous Iranian Hacking Forum is the Ashiyane  forum. Behrooz Kamalian is the Head of the Ashiyana forum. Behrooz is active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Security Professional and Pentester, I´m the CEO of the Iran hackers group ´Ashiyane Digital Security Team´@AshiyaneDigital I know alot about Security

The @AshiyaneDigital account seems to be deleted as it is no longer active on Twitter.

The ‘Nest’ (Ashiyane)

Ashiyane means ‘nest’ or ‘birds nest’, it can also be used to mention ‘plane hangars’. The Ashiyane Forum is one of the biggest Iranian hacking websites on Iran. The members are very active, and the Iranian government and companies provide various ‘FREE’ hacking tutorials on the forum. There are currently two versions of the Ashiyane community active. The first version is hosted on the .IR TLD and the second one is hosted on the .ORG TLD.