Iranian Hacker Pleads Guilty For PoS System Hacking

Iranian man Shahin Abdollahi, aka Sean Holdt, 46 years old from California pleads guilty for his role in a conspiracy to hack into the Point of Sale (POS) cash registers of a number of Subway restaurants.

U.S. Justice Department’s Criminal Division have proven that Abdollahi owned Subway franchises in Southern California from 2005 to 2008 and later operated a California company called “POS Doctor,” which sold and installed point-of-sale (POS) computer systems to Subway restaurant franchises around the Office of Public Affairs.

Mr Abdollahi, along with his accomplice, 37-year-old Jeffrey Wilkinson computerized checkout register of POS systems that allows customer purchase by credit, debit and gift cards.They hacked to cash registers of a number of Subway restaurants and stil more than $40,000 in gift cards. Scam started in 2011 and came under Federal police investigation when they tried to sell gift card on e-Bay.

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