Iran Thwarts Major Cyberattacks: A Deeper Look into Its Cybersecurity Measures

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Iran’s Civil Defense Unveils Cyber Countermeasures

Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of the Civil Defense Organization of Iran, recently disclosed that his organization, in collaboration with the Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Department of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), repelled ten major cyberattacks in the past year1.

The Operational Blueprint

According to Jalali, 16 operational measures were rapidly executed after receiving imminent cyberattack warnings on the country’s electricity dispatch center. The strategy, it seems, was so effective that it became a template for thwarting subsequent major cyberattacks.

Homegrown Solutions to Cyber Threats

Jalali noted that 80 percent of these cyberattacks were foiled using domestically-produced equipment. The nation has developed over 300 homegrown products in partnership with the Defense Ministry and local knowledge-based companies. This indicates a move towards self-reliance in cybersecurity, a significant step in national security.

The Al-Aqsa Storm Operation: A Trigger?

Interestingly, Jalali mentioned that a slew of cyberattack attempts occurred in the past two weeks following the resistance forces launching the Al-Aqsa Storm operation against the Zionist regime outside Gaza. This raises questions about the correlation between geopolitical events and the uptick in cyber threats.

Arrests and Local Sabotage

Last month, intelligence forces arrested an individual for sabotage against the electrical grid’s data network in one of Iran’s major industrial parks in Isfahan. The incident underlines the critical importance of internal cybersecurity measures alongside guarding against external threats.


Iran’s Civil Defense Organization has displayed notable agility in adapting to and repelling significant cyber threats. With a focus on homegrown solutions and operational efficacy, Iran seems to be building a formidable defense against cyber adversaries.

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