Iran Cyber Spider Project Against Facebook Users

Iranian Revolutionary Guards organized cyber crime unit “Gerdab” have announced in a statement its surveillance project named Spider and said they have destroyed network of 350 people for spreading corruption and mission to target Iranian life style families.

According Iranian Revolutionary Guards statement Spider project destroyed the network which had indirect support from western countries.There are many state organizations, official and semi-official which are active in the surveillance and censorship of online Iranian users activity.For example last year eight young Iranians were sentenced for their activities on Facebook and convicted on charges of assembly and collusion against national security propaganda against the state and blasphemy.

Iranian government have increased the annual budget for its Revolutionary Guards by 50 percent,according to DefenseTech, the Iran Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has a budget of $76m to spend on its cyber efforts.

IRGC organized cyber crime unit statement said that more information and details about the of the activities of the detainees will be published.

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