Iran Satellite to Orbit for Earthquake prediction

Head of Iran Telecommunication Satellite Technology Research Center “Sherwin Amiri” announced in an interview with reporters in Tehran that Satellite Ayat is ready in two years for luncth to loworbit.

Iran’s first research satellite Omid (Hope) was lunched in 2009 and completed more than 700 orbits for gathering information and testing equipment.

Ayat Satellite will be put into loworbit on the back of a an Iran own product rocket.Ayat will be observe and study the impacts of earthquakes on the Earth’s magnetic field to predict Earhquakes!.

In 2013 Iran send Pajohesh (research) rocket containing a live space monkey named Fargam,Russia and Iran have close cooperation according Russia Today countries have signed secret deal to train Iranian astronauts,Russia will provide its facilities and expertise to help Iran with its manned space exploration program.

Early in February 2014 Iran unveiled its new telecommunication satellite “Persian Gulf” for SMS services text and digital audio messages both inside and outside the country.

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