Iran Cyber Police Have Arrested 28,000 Peopels in 1700 Days

The Islamic Republic of Iran Cyber police have arrested more than 28,000 people and shut down about 47,000 websites told Cyber police chief “Hadiyanfar” in news conference.

Iranian Cyber police have arrested 53 Islamic State (ISIS) supporters who were active on cyber space and have identified and removed 132 terrorist website in first 8 months of this year ,Iranian cyber police have reported 108 ISIS supporters websites to Interpol and have removed 175 ISIS profiles supporters on instant messaging App Telegram in Iran .

Iran have about 46.8 millions internet users ,8,500 Internet Cafe ,92 Internet Service Provider (ISP) and about 1550 web-hosting centers.

According Cyber police chief Iran have been target of 69,719 cyber attacks in last 6 years ,in first 8 months of 2015 about 1,000 cyber attacks target Government websites , Cyber police have discovered 215 security holes which 177 were Government organisations .

Cyber police chief told to reporters that the Botnet cyber attacks origins are from Israel ,Saudi Arabia and America which identified in cyber attack on “Shazand petrochemical” facilities.

According Mr Hadiyanfar One of Iran largest Automaker company have been victim of Nigerian scam ,Cyber police monitor Facebook and Instagram and is able to remove %70 profile pages with immoral content ,pornography ,terrorism support ,forgery and fake pages of Iran’s armed forces,celebrities!

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