Iran Cyber Army Thwarted Hackers Attack On Oil Industry

Iran’s head of cyber police Brigadier General Kamal Hadianfar told in an interview on Tuesday that Iranian cyber army had foiled a cyber attack on the Islamic republic’s oil ministry.

IP Address of Hackers behind the cyber attack were based in United States and Iranian cyber police have informed the U.S. authorities about the hack attempt ,and send out an international judicial order to find and arrest the hackers.

The cyber attack was waged against the oil ministry during the four-day holidays (possibly March 21-24) but failed following the swift action FATA’s emergency center, added General Hadifar.

Our enemies have done many cyber war actions and of course the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces have also made eye-catching progress in area of cyber warfare and have been able to give proper responses to the enemies at different times.

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