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Iranian cyberattacks hit critical U.S. defense firms

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A group called Ajax Security Team which originates from Iran is using a custom-made malware to steal intellectual property from US defense firms, This was revealed by the Security Firm FireEye.

The Ajax Security team is part of the Iranian hacking team. Iranian hackers are mostly trained via the Ashiyane forum which is part of the Iranian cyber army community,  with more than 4000 trained hackers ,both teams have registered many exploites and defacements.

Acccording to the FirEye report, the  hacking team is responsible  for ungoing  DDoS cyber attacks on online banking system of major U.S. banks over the past few years.

The Ajax Security Team was found by hackers known as

  • “HUrr!c4nE!”
  • “Cair3x”

In one recent campaign, the Ajax hackers infected computers of U.S. defense companies by sending emails and social media messages to attendees of the IEEE Aerospace Conference and directed them to a fake website called, which was loaded with malicious applications, FireEye said to Reuters.

Share this with people that should know this: