Iran Court Sentenced Youth Facebook users 123 years Prison

Tehran Revolutionary court have sentenced eight boys and girls for using Facebook, they have been arrested last year for their activity on Facebook by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Cyber Unit. Report Kalame.

The young boys and girl’s age between eighteen and thirty have been charged for socializing online against national security, insulting the Supreme Leader, insulting authorities, propaganda, blasphemy and spreading lies against Islamic republic.

Their names and sentences are as follows:

  • Roya Saberinejad Nobakht, 20 years in prison Iran-born British woman .
  • Amir Golestani, 20 years and one day.
  • Masoud Ghasemkhani, 19 years, 91 days.
  • Fariborz Kardarfar, 18 years, 91 days.
  • Seyed Masoud Seyed Talebi, 15 years, one day.
  • Amin (Farid) Akramipour, 13 years.
  • Mehdi Reyshahri, 11 years.
  • Naghmeh Shahsavandi Shirazi, 7 years and 91 days.

Apparently IRCG cyber army is not just active aboard but also have start larger cyber surveillance on Iranian internet social media users, another court in Iran demand Mark Zukerberg Facebook founder and CEO should prosecute for abusing the privacy of Whatsapp and Instagram users.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram many other social website and news agency are block and filtered by Iranian Cyber police.

The Iranian cyber police have arrested all the dancers which danced in the Iranian Pharrel William Happy video and published online.

The IRCG Ajax Security team is part of the Iranian hacking team. Iranian hackers are mostly trained via the Ashiyane forum which is part of the Iranian cyber army community, with more than 4000 trained hackers ,both teams have registered many exploites and defacements.

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