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IP reputation check

When I perform IP reputation checks, I always try to use IP reputation feeds that are up to date, and I like to do this with public reputation feeds. In my process, of doing all that online research, I quickly noticed that I am jumping from page to page, and I am entering the same values over and over again. So, I came up with the idea, to make a simple, central page, for myself and anyone that enjoys hunting down IP reputation information from the web.

How to use the IP reputation check tool

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In just a couple of steps, you will get access to a lot of information

  1. Enter the IP address which you want to know more about

    Navigate to the box and provide the IP address (for example:

  2. Hit search

    Once you have provided the IP address, you can hit the search button.

  3. Results

    You will get an overview with various results. Each result will contain a clickable link that will bring you to an external IP reputation feed.

What is an IP reputation feed?

An IP reputation feed is a collection of IP addresses or IP address ranges which have a specific reputation bound to them. This could for example be spam, malware, phishing, hosting, marketing and so on.

How much does a IP reputation feed cost?

Each vendor has it’s own price, but the sites I am providing to you, they are all free to use. Of course, they do offer premium services.

Should I use reputation feeds as blocklists in my firewall?

No, never blindly add reputation feeds to your blocklist, unless, the quality of the reputation feed is extremely high.

Are you affiliated to the sites you link to?

No, I am not affiliated with, Virustotal, Alienvault, IBM or any of the services that have been hyperlinked as a reputation feed.

Can I use this tool to perform IP reputation checks?

Yes, this tool will allow you to quickly perform a manual IP reputation check via the external services that have been utilized in the tool

Can I perform bulk IP reputation checks

No, this tool does not support bulk IP reputation checks as this tool generates a page with links that you can use. If this would be in bulk, in the current setup, it would be impossible to use with ease.

Which IP reputation feeds does the tool support

Currently, the tool supports IP reputation via VirusTotal, Alienvault,, Shodan, Twitter and IBM x-force.

Demonstration video of the IP reputation tool on CWZ
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