The Interview movie: Death scene of Kim Jong-Un [OFFICIAL]

The interview, Sony and North Korea. WOW, what a story – I am not even certain how to classify this, is this a troll? hack? or is this cyberwar (I know, No war has been declared). Whatever it is, it has moved a lot of companies and people.

The Interview movie is about two guys which are going to hunt down the North Korean leader “Kim Jong-un”. The movie is an comedy and it has been directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. The directors did not expect that their movie would stir up so much trouble. I am already glad that it was not an Islamic comedy sketch as it may have awakened terrorist attacks which we have already seen happen with the Mohammed comedy sketch. It was not appreciated.

Now the same thing has happened with North Korea and the movie “The Interview”. The Koreans are not happy about the fictional fact that their leader is fictionally murdered in The Interview movie.

But hey, did you know that it is NOT the Korean leader Kim Jong-Un which is playing in that movie? It is just an ACTOR!

The movie has been banned from various theaters and the Sony company is uncertain about which steps they should make to keep the violence down.

The Interview movie has a duration of 112 minutes and it is an action / comedy movie.

The whole NOISE around The Interview movie is about the following scene:

Death scene kim jong-un

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