Interview with AnonGhost Mauritania Attacker about #opPetrol 2014

AnonGhost, the hacking team which is going to initiate cyber-attacks on companies and groups which are against the Islamic believes and foundations.

They are known for their attacks in #opUSA, #opIsrael, #opPetrol and they have defaced countless Israeli websites during the year that they have been active.

Last year the AnonGhost group initiated a massive attack on petrol companies and this time they are going to do the same but on a larger scale.

We had the chance to interview the AnonGhost Mauritania Attacker via the Facebook social media network. It is hard to keep track of him, as Facebook keeps banning the Mauritania Attacker accounts. He does manage to regain access to the Facebook environment each time.

Take a look at the chat interview below:

Mauritania Attacker, why do you call yourself the ‘Mauritania Attacker’ ?

because in my country there’s no hackers xD , and few ppl use internet !

How did you get in the hacking scene

when i was a kid 12 years old , i heard about hacking etc… and i started searching from internet , i had only 64 kb/s and 1 year ago i started joining forums and being interested in hacking , and i infected my school computers xD

So how old are you now Mauritania Attacker?

24 years old now

That means, that you have been working with computers for 12 years now, is there a specific reason why you joined or started the AnonGhost hacking group?

yea exactly , first team i joined was Teamp0ison, then ZCompany Hacking Crew after that i created Mauritania HaCker Team , and then created Teamr00t , had some little problems in Teamr00t , i closed it and created new Team wich is AnonGhost Team today our goal is to spread our messages , at least we better than All our Gov presidents we are not scared to say the truth and act positively

You say that you act positively, but hacking various companies, and defacing websites is not a very ‘positive’ act. It is illegal in the most countries, and it hurts a lot of people which run a business. What do you think about this?

okay , listen we do not recognize these rules , we are against the new world order totally , and these companies are following the rule of the economis world system , so more we hack them more we make them loose money , as you know in last #OpPetrol it was same protocol , and this time we gonna jurt them hadrly and i hope we will put the petroleum society under crisis

thank you for explaining the motivation behind the #opPetrol attack, I do wonder, the hackers in the AnonGhost team, are they from the same age? Can you give me a small insight on that?

14 years to 35 years old , 99% are muslims , just few ,guess what we even have a shia member and as a sunna we really love him like our bro , so we are just humans united

The young hackers which are active in the hacking scene, do you expect them to be aggresive hackers in the future? or will some choose a ethical road of hacking? What do you think about this?

haha na , they are not agressive believe me , and they are well educated , and they all go to school , and i tell them all time , studies comes first before hacking and all , if you want me to answer you fully , they are not brainwashed they know the truth

So, as you expect, there are a lot of security researchers and specialists which are watching their networks for malicious attacks, includings yours, is there something you want to tell them?

“security was created to be breached”

One last question, how long will AnonGhost initiate cyber-attacks in #opPetrol 2014?

maybe 2 months or more , we have a lot of things to do

Thank you for your time Mauritania Attacker, I cannot end this interview without saying that it is not wise to attack companies or groups. You guys can use your knowledge for ethical goals. Take care.

it’s your opinion and i respect it , take care

As you can read from the interview above, the AnonGhost hackers have set their minds on damage and defacements. They will continue their attacks, and the attacks will continue for at least 2 months. Take a look at the following file which will show you the latest hacks which have been performed by the AnonGhost hackers team.

op petrol hack list v1

oppetrol v2

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