Internet tax – 0.62 dollar cents per 1 GB

It is crazy, insane and idiotic at the same time.

Crazy as the government of Ukraine truly believes that it will work.

Insane as someone is trying to implement this and idiotic as this is just another attempt to control the internet.

I had a short chat with a friend of mine, and we both agree that this will only benefit the government and not the internet users.


CNBC reports that the economy minister Mihaly Varga has unveiled a plan which states that the Hungarian people will have to pay tax for the amount of internet they use.

The report states that the people will have to pay 62 dollar cents per gigabyte of internet data consumed.

Internet Service Providers

The internet Service Providers will have to put the internet tax in their packages. This will result in “expensive” internet, while we are currently going towards a world where internet CAN be FREE OF CHARGE.

It is just like the music industry. The music industry is focusing more on selling merchandise as they know that people will STEAL / PIRATE music from the internet.

Now we can also put this view on the “Internet Tax” proposal of Hungary. People will use internet when they can. People use it schools, companies and while they are traveling.

50% (random) of the people will allow their devices to make automatic connections to “unprotected” access points. This would mean that if someone has not setup their “Wi-Fi” access point that the cost of that user will increase. People will start focusing on connecting to not secured access points as this will save them money.


The cybercriminals will also make us of the “internet tax” policy. Once the cybercriminals have infected an internet connected device, they will be able to download data via the infected device.

This will again result in higher costs, and believe me, the ISP is not going to pay for that.

Why should they? 😉

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