Internet scam: Leaked Waka Flocka Tape

Another Facebook scam

Internet scammers have launched a new internet scam which is trying to lure Waka Flocka fans to a malicious website.

The Waka Flocka internet scam claims that it holds an exclusive tape of Waka Flocka, the scammers assigned a shocking title to the Waka Flocka scam so it will lure interested and unaware Waka Flocka fans to click on the internet scam.

Once the Waka Flocka fans click on the internet scam, they will be redirected to a malicious website which will claim that the user has to perform a couple of steps before he is allowed to view the video.

The Leaked Waka Flocka Tape scam

Once the user participates in the internet scam, the user will be forced to provide information to an malicious survey to proof that the user is at the right age to watch the video. After the user has completed the survey, the user will be navigated to another website which will claim that the user has to download a new codec to be able to watch the video. This codec is a virus, which has been designed by the scammers to infect the Waka Flocka fans with malware. Once the scammers have installed the Waka Flocka virus, they will be able to fully control the infected device of the Waka Flocka fan.

We strongly urge everyone to stay vigilant for malicious videos which are being shared on social media networks like Facebook. On Cyberwarzone, we have dedicated a whole category to internet scams which try to lure unaware users from the Facebook environment. It will amaze you to see how many internet scams are circulating the web, so please stay vigilant and aware, inform your environment if you see them sharing the malicious scam on their Facebook timeline. We thank you in advance.

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