Internet scam: Invite friends to activate Whatsapp Calling

Scammers on the internet are playing in on the Whatsapp update which allows Whatsapp users to perform calling conversations over Whatsapp. The scammers have trying to lure unaware internet users by sending them messages that they have been selected to participate in the Whatsapp calling function.


The scammers demands that the user needs to visit the hxxp:/// website, which is loaded with malicious codes.


The malicious website holds the following scam message

Congratulations!! You’ve been invited to try Whatsapp Calling!
Invite Your 10 Active Whatsapp Friends or groups to Activate Whatsapp Calling

As soon as you click on “Invite Now”, your whatsapp will open and you can send invitation to any of your friends or groups

You’ll have to invite minimum 10 active friends or groups one by one

You can click on “Continue” after inviting 10 friends or groups to activate voice calling on Whatsapp

The Official Whatsapp Calling function is released via the Official Whatsapp client, you do not need to take actions to enable this option. Simply update your Whatsapp application via the update button on your smartphone and you will get the latest Whatsapp calling function.

The scammers launch these type of scams to collect personal information from unaware internet users, they often include malicious codes on their environments which allow them to control the infected devices. Do not simply download all type of applications from the internet, always do a background check on the application which you are going to download.

If a website claims that you need to perform specific actions before you are allowed to view the content or upgrade, then the chance is pretty high that you are being scammed.

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