Internet of Things: Cybersecurity and sex toys

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The Internet of Things is bringing a lot of new tools and toys which allow and perform communication via WiFi accesspoints and the internet. Now that means that there is going to be a whole new market for electronic devices and this includes the devices which provide “personal” pleasure.

These personal devices like the selfie stick and the Fleshlight toy run software which communicates via the internet. Both devices which are mentioned above have been injected with software which allows them to use social media platforms like Facebook and Skype. The tools own a camera which allows the user to stream the footage via FaceTime and Skype.

These toys are going viral on the internet, but i have not seen one person ask this question.

What will happen if they get hacked?!

  • The chance is there that someone will try the selfie stick, not knowing that it is directly streaming to Skype or FaceTime
  • The chance is there that “ex-” lovers will publish the FaceTime or Skype footage for public views.

What do you think?

I personally believe that videos which have been produced via the Fleshlight toy or the selfie stick will appear on websites, just like “the most of us” have seen “home made videos” appear on those sites and I strongly believe that there are cybercriminals or hackers out there which might be interested in hacking these mentioned devices. Reason; just for the thrills.

Share this with people that should know this: