Internet hoaxes: FREE Disney Land tickets and Disney Family Cruise giveaways

Millions of people want to travel to Disney Land, but some of them simply do not have the funds to head to Disney Land directly. Scammers on Facebook and other social media networks have setup fake pages which claim that people can win or get free Disney Land tickets or Disney Family cruises if they perform a couple of actions first.

The scammers have created the “FREE Disney Land tickets” internet scam to collect personal information from unaware Facebook users. The victims of the “FREE Disney Land tickets” internet scam are lured to malicious websites which demand information from the users. Sometimes the malicious websites urge the users to install an application on their device. This application would allow the scammers or cybercriminals to control the device of the unaware user.

Disney Tickets Family Cruise internet scam
Disney Tickets Family Cruise internet scam

The scammers are capable of collecting personal information from their targets because the targets believe that they are participating in an genuine “FREE Disney Land tickets” event. The scammers will try to lure the unaware users by putting values like “No costs” and “Free” in their scam titles.

Disney Tickets Family Cruise internet scam comments
Disney Tickets Family Cruise internet scam comments

Unaware Facebook users have left comments on the fake Disney page in the hope to win the Free Disney Land tickets or the Free Disney Family Cruise giveaway.

The scam on the Disney Family Cruise giveaway page

The scammers have left an message on the “Disney Family Cruise Giveaway” Facebook page, you can view the malicious instructions below:

To celebrate our 44th year of existence we plan on giving away more than 20,000 Disney World cruise tickets away to Facebook users only. All we ask is simple participation to receive your tickets in the mail in 3 – 5 business days.



**Tickets will be sent 2 days after you join this event**

**Cruises will take place in April, May & June 2015**

Click JOIN

Invite 125 friends – The more friends you invite – the higher your rank will be for getting your tickets first.

Comment below and say : Thanks I love Disney World!

Click PINNED POST to complete last step

Another example

receive 5 free disney cruise tickets 


Stay safe

Make sure that you inform your environment if you see someone sharing the “Free Disney Land Tickets” internet hoax. The best thing which you can do is to inform the unaware user via a private message. The next step is to report the internet hoax to the social media environment. You can do this by using the report button which is often included.

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