Internet hoax: Small Alien spotted in Argentina home

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A video is being shared on the internet which claims to show an small alien in the house of an Argentinean mother which is filming her child. The video shows how a “small alien” crosses the kitchen floor, and while the small Argentinean alien crosses the kitchen floor, the audio is extremely interrupted.

On first sight, many people would believe that the video is authentic, but let’s remind ourselves that we are living in a century which allows anyone with video editing skills to create such videos. The small alien from Argentina hoax is a creation of a person which is studying CGI.


CGI is used in games and cinema movies – it are the special effects which make you say WOW. This internet hoax is using the same method to make it go viral.

The internet hoax is being shared with the following text:

A mother was filming her young child in their Argentinian home, but they caught sight of a strange small alien running across their kitchen floor!

The internet hoax video of the Argentinean alien has been edited as you cannot see the face of the child, and the mother did not decide to move the child from the alien. The sound which has been added to the video is also another “scare” factor which will allow them to shock unaware people.


Sorry guys, it is just another hoax and if you think it is real, I would LOVE to read your arguments.

Share this with people that should know this: