Internet hoax: Hackers are posting content on your walls

A new hoax message is being shared by thousands of unaware internet users. The internet users are sharing a hoax message which claims that private social media accounts are being used by hackers to post messages on the social media walls. The internet hoax continues to explain that only “your friends” are able to see the hacker messages on the social media walls, and that the social media account holder is unable to view the messages.

The “Hackers are posting content” Internet hoax message

Below we have displayed the text which is being used in the “Hackers are posting content” internet hoax. Do note that it is easy for the hoax crafters to change the message, so please stay vigilant.


To all Facebook users, Hackers are posting content on your walls! You can’t see, but your friends do, then it seems as if you posted it. If you see any such post under my name, please let me know.

Share this to protect you and your friends

As you can see  in the image above, there is no immediate threat for the social media users to share this message, but it is important for the users to know that hackers do not have immediate access to social media accounts. If you think that you might have been compromised, then the best step which you can take is to take a look at the social media security tutorial.

The internet hoax
The internet hoax
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