Internet hoax: Friend Request From Tanner Dwyer and Christopher Butterfield

The “Friend Request From Tanner Dwyer and Christopher Butterfield” internet hoax has been circulating Facebook for various years, the hoax claims that various Facebook hackers will send u an Friend Request, and once you accept the Facebook friend request from the hackers, you will be hacked instantly.

Have no fear

The “Friend Request From Tanner Dwyer and Christopher Butterfield” or “Friend Request from Hacker” internet hoax is not dangerous, hackers are not able to obtain full control over your Facebook profile by simply adding you to their Facebook account.

Each member on Facebook has the same rights and permissions, so if a hacker would be able to hack your account by simply adding you as a friend, then you would be capable of performing the same action.

There is one big but

It is important to keep in mind that hackers are able to control Facebook users by infecting the Facebook users with malicious Facebook applications. The hoaxers and hackers will hide their malicious code in friendly looking applications. So make sure that once you are trying out a new Facebook application, to double check the permissions you are granting to the Facebook application.

Some permissions would allow the hacker or hoaxer to leave messages on your Facebook wall, and it is also possible for them to abuse your friends list. Do note, that this is only possible if you install a malicious Facebook application, and not when you accept a friend request via Facebook.

Another method for the hackers will be to use phishing attacks to obtain personal information from unaware users. The hackers often spread fake messages and emails to thousands of addresses in the hope that someone will download and execute the attachment or click on attached malicious links.