Intern from the NSA has gone public

We are not looking at leaked or classified information, the NSA intern has been allowed to provide updates about her internship on Facebook. The intern has started a complete new project on the NSA Facebook page.

The notes section of the NSA Facebook page has become the digital home of the NSA interns.

Intern Insight – Update #6

Hello everyone! As my experience here draws to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to mention a few things that next year’s interns may find useful:

    • Keep your prior experiences in perspective. Remember that everyone in the program will likely be from very different and diverse backgrounds, and they will likely be strong in areas that you might be weak in, and vice versa. It can sometimes be frustrating when you are struggling with a topic that everyone else seems to be breezing through, but remember that they’ve had experience in that field. By the end of that topic unity, you’ll be as knowledgeable as them, and you’ll likely have learned it all in a much shorter time. Plus, you can always use them as a resource for learning new things!
  • Try not to worry about learning all of the information at once. Sometimes you are given so much information that you couldn’t possibly remember every detail. But with this, you will gain a lot of exposure into very important topics, and you will definitely retain more than you realize. Don’t get discouraged!
  • Get to know your fellow interns! This program was so much fun once I became friends with the people I was working with. The work that you’ll be doing is going to be engaging and exciting for you to learn, but the people that you meet will have a huge impact on your experience. Learn all that you can from them and listen to their stories! Our weekly hangout were some of my favorite memories from a summer spent with new friends!

This program has given me a unique opportunity. It is so rare to find an internship that focuses solely on your development in a field, and it’s even rarer to find it in cyber security. Everything I’ve learned this summer can be applied to my studies and a career here or anywhere else, even in the private sector. I could not imagine a better place to be for my first foray into the professional cyber world. So, future interns of 2016, enjoy every second of your experience. You will learn more than you ever thought you could. And have fun with it! You’re in for a fantastic summer.

Look for my final post next week. Until then!



As you can read from the post above, the intern has provided some good tips on how to grow in the security field. You can find more updates from the NSA interns here.