How to install Windows 10 on your VirtualBox environment or computer [FREE DOWNLOAD + SERIAL]

Awesome, Microsoft has published their Windows 10 environment to the public.

You can download the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for free via the sources which we will provide in this article.

The official sources will include the serial which will allow you to activate the Windows 10 operating system.

Download the Windows 10 operating system

Do you want to install Windows10 on your computer or virtualbox?! Then you need to watch this video, which will guide you through the installation of Windows 10. The installation is very easy, and you do not have to create an ONLINE account with Microsoft.


Microsoft have published a download page directory on this link.

I was able to download the following versions:

  • English 64/32 bit
  • English (uk) 64/32 bit
  • Chinese 64/32 bit
  • Brazilian 64/32 bit

Download VirtualBox (if needed)

You can download the Virtualbox software from the official website. The VirtualBox software will allow you to run a virtual environment on your computer. This virtual environment could be a Windows 10 operating system.

How to skip Microsoft Account creation in Windows 10

Ok, pay attention while Microsoft asks you to create a new account. Just provide some bogus information in the first screen and click next. Once you click next, Microsoft will say that it was unable to find your ID. If you pay close attention to the screen, you will see that there is a button (link) to login without creating a Windows Live ID on Windows 10.

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