Install Metasploit on Kali Linux (Also works for Ubuntu 22.04)

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Ever wondered how cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers stay on top of their game? They use powerful tools, and one such tool is Metasploit. So, how do you get Metasploit up and running on Kali Linux or Ubuntu 22.04? Let’s dive into the steps and understand this process.

What is Metasploit?

Metasploit is a widely-used penetration testing framework. It’s a collection of tools for assessing network security, discovering vulnerabilities, and conducting various security-related tasks. Its popularity stems from its versatility and the comprehensive range of features it offers.

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Installing Metasploit on Kali Linux

Step 1: Update Your System

Before installing any new software, it’s crucial to ensure your system is up-to-date. On Kali Linux, open the terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install Metasploit Framework

Kali Linux comes with Metasploit pre-installed. However, if it’s not available or you want the latest version, you can install it using the following command:

sudo apt install metasploit-framework

Step 3: Initialize the Database

Metasploit uses a PostgreSQL database to store data. Initialize it with these commands:

sudo msfdb init

Step 4: Launch Metasploit

Now, you can start Metasploit using the command:


Installing Metasploit on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1: Update and Upgrade Ubuntu

Similar to Kali, start by updating your Ubuntu system:

sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Dependencies Installation

Install the necessary dependencies for Metasploit:

sudo apt install curl gpg software-properties-common

Step 3: Add the Metasploit Repository

Add the Metasploit repository to your system:

curl | sudo sh

Step 4: Install Metasploit

Now, install Metasploit:

sudo apt install metasploit-framework

Step 5: Initialize and Launch

Initialize the database and launch Metasploit as shown for Kali Linux.

Post-Installation Steps

Updating Metasploit

Keep Metasploit updated with the following command:


Learning to Use Metasploit

Metasploit has a steep learning curve. It’s advised to refer to the official documentation or follow tutorials to understand its usage properly.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to Ethical Hacking

With Metasploit installed on your Kali Linux or Ubuntu system, you’re ready to explore the realm of ethical hacking. Remember, Metasploit is a powerful tool, and with great power comes great responsibility. Use it ethically and responsibly.

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