Instagram users and LoL players you might be Ransomwared by SolidBit!

In this specific case the SolidBit ransomware tries to lure victims by using a filename which contains the name of the famous online game “League of Legends” and the popular social media platform “Instagram”. According to the research performed by Trend Micro, the samples were uploaded on Github.

The malware was uploaded to GitHub, where it is disguised as different applications, including a League of Legends account checker tool and an Instagram follower bot, to lure in victims.  

Trend Micro warns for malware disguised as League of Legends or Instagram tools
SolidBit Ransomware hidden as the Rust League of Legends Checker

The SolidBit ransomware will encrypt the files on the systems and eventually it will show a picture with instructions for the victim. The victim has to perform a payment in order to get an decryption key. There is no certainty that the key will actually decrypt the encrypted files.