Intelligence officer leaked military intelligence to Ordina during his time in Uruzgan (2008)

Confidential military information had been leaked by an information officer which was hired to work for the Dutch Military operation in Uruzgan 2009.

The information officer which at the time was working at Ordina passed information about the IT-infrastructure and the security status of the Military IT environment.

The information officer claimed that it is a exclusive chance for Ordina to get hold on Military contracts.

The Zembla company is going to broadcast an interview about the Ordina and Military leaked information case.

The Dutch Military claim that they did not give permission to the Information Officer to provide this type of information to Ordina.

The Information Officer

The Major at that time was part of the G2 intelligence group of the Royal Army and was stationed at Camp Holland. As a civilian, he worked simultaneously for Ordina as an ICT consultant. From Camp Holland, he sent an email to his superiors at Ordina, in which he informs them about the quality of the information that the intelligence service of the Army in Uruzgan had in use. He also made them aware of the commercial opportunities out there for Ordina as ICT supplier for the Dutch Defence.

 The email had the subject “Opportunity for Ordina.”

Among other things he writes. “Supporting systems for the intelligence process (are) to qualify as poor” He also mentions the names of the systems which the intelligence service of the Army used

Defence expert Ko Colijn ZEMBLA responds critically to the email from the reserve officer: “This is information about the functioning of the information system on the spot. That is vital for the safety of the men who go into the field there, the safety of Camp Holland. “