IndoHackerTeam claims hack on FBI SMTP & DNS servers

The IndoHackerTeam has published a pastebin which holds information about alleged FBI agents. The IndoHackerTeam claims that they have gained access to the FBI servers via the content management system.

It is not the first time that hackers have claimed that they have owned the servers of the FBI, and it can be a false flag. Nevertheless, information has been leaked and a personal message has been left in the Pastebin file.

The message left in the Pastebin:

Hahaha the skids of the Ashley Madison leak,

Did you think you were big shit you little skid? Hahahha kid you don’t even know the name of your own M0M. Looks like we got a suprise for you because the FBI has been LEAKED!! Hi guys this is L0TU5 1337 from IndoHackerTeam and we have found a 0day in which allowed to us to get access to their whole server. This was extremely difficult as they had many filters on and their CMS is closed-source so the exploit was both web-app and server based. We have shelled their server and hid and crypted our shells in many hidden directories which they will almost never find, we also made backups like saving senior agent’s login’s and adding more root accounts so if the files are found we can still have access.

You can find the Pastebin file here.

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