Incredible stupid ISIS warrior checklist distributed in The Netherlands

The Dutch community is upset as a post has been puslished in the Dutch newspapers which provides information on “how you can spot a ISIS/Syrian/Jihad warrior”. The paper has published a massive list of checkpoints which would provide information about future ISIS warriors. The list has been published after reports were leaked which stated that the Dutch school directors were getting classes on “how to identify a ISIS warrior”.

I strongly believe that the Dutch government is using the wrong methods to stop extremist warriors. The method which has been published in the newspapers will awake the “sleeping giant” (Muslims) as the method will also impact “good” muslims.

I have translated the Dutch checkpoints to English, so you can understand what the Dutch government is trying to achieve. Note that this checklist is distributed and teached to schools in The Netherlands.

Dutch article on how to spot a ISIS warrior
Dutch article on how to spot an ISIS warrior

How to identify an ISIS warrior checklist by the Netherlands

  • Refuse to shake hands with females
  • Refuse any form of authority
  • Will carry or buy “camping / backpacking” gear
  • Will wear traditional Arabic clothes
  • Will not drink alcohol
  • Will suddenly stop smoking
  • Will hang out in “secret societies”
  • Will create a goodbye letter
  • Will demonstrate and will call for violent actions
  • Will post “extremist” content on social media networks / blogs
  • Will post the “black” Islamic flag on social media
  • Will search for websites which provide information on warfare
  • Will visit extremist social media groups and pages
  • Will claim that being a martyre is something good
  • Will talk positive about ISIS in public environments
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