This INCREDIBLE report letter will ban each toxic player on League of Legends

League of Legends players hate TOXIC players. So how do you get rid of all the TOXIC accounts on League of Legends? It is simple, you will need to unite with your fellow summoners and report the toxic players when you can. Now we understand that you do not want to write a full report on a toxic player, as you are playing a game and you want to ENJOY that game.

So to help you out. We have crafted a League of Legends report template which you can use to report any TOXIC player on the League of Legends environment.

League of Legends report template

Dear Sir/Madam,

This report will confirm the behavior of the user, the League of Legends player decided to break the summoners code.

I understand that the summoners code has been crafted to behold players to go toxic on the League of Legends game. I urge you to take my report seriously as this player has decided to take a negative path on League of Legends.

Players like this are destroying the fun which the summoners want to have on League of Legends.

Yours truly,

Feel free to use this template to report TOXIC league of legends players.