Improved user data encryption for FB,Google and Whatsapp users is coming up!

If you have a profile at FB, SnapChat, Whatsapp or Google – you should be happy – the mentioned companies are going to improve the user data encryption – which means, that it will be harder for unauthorized users to look into your profile data.

But there are more “agencies” which we should thank – the government agencies have heated up the discussion about encryption, and it seems that the mentioned companies are not so happy with the agencies that want to look into user profiles of the mentioned companies.

So thank you FBI, NSA, CIA.

According to, Facebook has suggested that it will increase the privacy of its Messenger service.

Facebook has suggested that it is increasing privacy of its Messenger service, while its instant messaging app Whatsapp also confirmed that it would be extending its encryption offering to secure voice calls.

Facebook has been working on the user data security of the mobile platform since 2014, they have been adding user data encryption tools, making it harder for government agencies to obtain user data.

Facebook also stated that the Android and iOS messages are already encrypted and that they are now planning on introducing a system which will encrypt the voice messages and group chats. The other mentioned companies are heading in the same direction.