Immunity Canvas 7.26 leaked

People are trying to download Immunity Canvas 7.26 which has been leaked on various platforms. In this post, we will take a look at the files which are supposed to be in that leak.

Immunity Canvas on Youtube

First of all, it seems that the leaked version has been crafted for the Linux operating system. The immunity canvas file contains a clear instruction on how to install immunity canvas on the Linux operating system.

Immunity Canvas Linux installation guide

Once we take a deeper look into the folder, we will also notice multiple folders that contain the keywords ‘Exploit’ and ‘Backdoor’. As you can see there are other interesting folders to be checked.

The files seem to be created/adjusted in the year 2020, and it does look like a genuine set.

Here is a look into the exploits folder:

Immunity Canvas exploit folders

The Immunity Canvas files

Most of the files in the folder are based on Python. The folders are archived well, and for each functionality a separate folder has been created which holds the code.

For example, when taking a look at the Recon folder, we notice that the following recon functions have been noted down:

  1. getprintproviders
  2. getremotelanguage
  3. getservices
  4. getwwwhostnames
  5. http_method_scanner
  6. httpfingerprint
  7. icmpsweep
  8. ifids
  9. ip_to_vhost
  10. osdetect

We are sorry to share, that we will not provide this set for download and we will also not share the sources.

Canvas uploaded to the public

Official website Immunity Canvas

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