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Im new to IT, what can I do ?

Just like riding a bike, you need to practise!

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This is awesome, you have the ambition to grow in IT, but where do you start? In this post, we will take a dive into getting into the IT world as a starter.

I am a starter

There is nothing bad at being a starter, because to a company, this literally means, that you can be trained, formed and most important one, you will bring fresh energy into the company.

The points that are mentioned above are points that a company must have time for. Yes, a starter is cheap in salary when compared to a senior, but the time the starter will need to deliver products/tackle challenges will be more than someone that is already active in the industry, but hey, that’s how it works.

This is how it works; you will have to start somewhere

How to get started

In most company environments, during the intake, you will have to answer questions that are bound to the position you are going after. This means, that it is important to have a strong foundation before you go into talks with companies.

This foundation is something you can build for yourself; you can start with setting up a Linux or Windows environment at home or via a cheap hosting provider. This can be helpful if you want to pursue an engineering, DevOps or system administration role.

Get in touch

I will repeat this until it does not work anymore. Make use of LinkedIn. If you are a starter, the best way to get in touch with people of the industry you like, is to be active on LinkedIn, and to get in touch with people that share the same interests. Most of the people on LinkedIn share knowledge via articles, videos and blog postings. There are dozens of groups in which you can participate, and it allows you to see what type of challenges most of the companies are having. Maybe you will find a challenge that you can tackle for them.

Make yourself visible

Being on LinkedIn is one of the steps; the most important step is to have a clear LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is your C.V. of 2020, each recruiter or company will look at your LinkedIn profile. They will look on how big your network is, who you are connected to, and what experience information you have left.

I do understand that you are a starter, but if you have worked on private projects, it is wise to share that information on your LinkedIn.

Have a coffee

Skip that old-fashioned way of getting into a company; invite the right person from that company for a coffee and an open chat. Remember; you are new to the industry, any information you get, can be of value for you. The same person might also help you forward in the right direction.


From practice, comes perfection, and in IT perfection is hardly found, this means that there is enough to practice. Keep practicing, do what you like, and do not hold yourself back. Keep moving forward.


If you have any questions on how to get in the right industry, I am more than willing to answer those questions.

Let’s help each other forward.

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