If you own a security camera then you have to read this!

A lot of people have purchased a security camera to ensure that they have recording of each event which happens in their home or company environment. These security camera’s often allow the user to setup a function which allows the user to remotely login at the security camera stream via the internet. The advanced products even provide applications which can be used on smart phones to allow access to the security camera’s.

But did you know that if the security camera server is wrongfully configured it will allow (cyber) criminals to take a look at your house or company environment?

We were able to do a simple search on Google and Shodan and the results allowed us to view the personal environments of people which have not secured their security camera in a proper way.

There was one product which gave us a lot of hits, the webcamXP product which can be downloaded for free allows the users to stream their webcam or security camera feed directly to the internet, but the free version does not allow the users to protect the server.

webcam xp server
webcam xp server

Oh well, we strongly urge everyone with a security camera to read the guide on how to properly setup the server with a password and various other security measures.

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