iBrute Python script allows you to brute force Apple accounts

Don’t you just love Github?! Github has a massive collection of applications, scripts and other cool stuff which you can use for free.

This time, I am going to write about the iBrute Python script, which allows anyone to brute force various Apple accounts. The brute force tool iBrute has been written in such a way, that it will use two *.txt files.

The mails.txt and passlist.txt file are needed for iBrute to work.

The mails.txt file holds the email accounts which need to be brute forced. The passlist.txt file contains the passwords which will be used on the specified email accounts in the mails.txt file.

So we got:

  • mails.txt for the email addresses
  • passlist.txt for the passwords

The complete iBrute package holds 6 files:

  1. id_brute.py
  2. mails.txt
  3. passlist.txt
  4. README.md
  5. socks.py
  6. socks.pyc

If you want to launch the iBrute tool, you will need to use the following command.

sudo python id_brute.py

Once it starts, you will see a list of the passwords which have been tried. Once it hits a good password, you will be notified.



The developers claim that Apple has patched the “multi threading feature” but if you use a proxy you will be able to bypass it. AGAIN.

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