I tested Australian and British Google Cloud Voices

I have tested out the Neural2 and Wavenet Google Cloud Voices. The Google API allows me to directly access the Text-To-Speech API from Google. The Google API which I used needs an active Google Cloud account. These voices do cost money, but with some luck, you can get a free trial from Google.

This API supports dozens of voices and I have selected a few from the list and used them to generate an audio which I supported with text and footage.

A quick view of the various voices I have tried and published on Youtube

I tested the following Google Cloud voices:

  • Great Britain
  • Australian

The Australian Google Cloud voices

First, I started with the Australian voices. To my experience some of them really sounded bad, the male ones I liked the most.

List of available Google Cloud their Australian Male and Female Neural2 and Wavenet voices

All of the voices have been tested out and a demo has been created for them. Simply click on the Name of the voice you like and you will be redirected to the demo.

A playlist containing all of the Australian voices

Great Britain voices

The GB voices sounded a lot better. In particular I liked the male Wavenet-B voice.

List of the British Google Wavenet and Neural2 voices I have tried and created a demo for


What is Wavenet?

WaveNet is a deep neural network for generating raw audio.

What is Neural2?

Neural2 voices are based on the same technology as Wavenet to create a custom voice. Neural2 represents the latest in synthetic voice generation.

I hope that you enjoyed the Cyberwarzone demo’s and that they helped you to decide which voice you want to use.

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