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I am sorry; You do not understand cybersecurity if you don’t understand this

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This can be harsh, but I do not care, we are talking cybersecurity here, which means that responsibility needs to be taken to protect and care for the environments and people that have been assigned to you.

The chance is there that after reading this post, you will think, alright, [email protected]#k you, but I hope that at the end of this post, you will have the feeling, O shit, I am not insane, I am doing things right..

You do not learn this at school

Security is a feeling, it is a feeling which when provided right, can allow great joy to happen, that joy can be financially (companies), but that joy can also be the calm feeling to know that no one is snooping around in your house via your connected devices (private).

Like each feeling, it needs to be fed, in this case, security comes with knowledge, when you know what you are up to, you will understand that you need to take steps in order to keep that secure feeling alive.

Now when we take a look at the industry, we notice that there are a lot of points that need to be caught up with, and no, there are no shortcuts. The more you learn, the more you will get the feeling that you actually do not know shit, and that is not bad, that is the daily challenge that comes with cybersecurity.

Do not get me wrong, education is important, papers are important, getting in touch with fellow (future) people in the industry is vital, just do not get narrow minded, try to ask yourself WHY things are like that and discuss it.

Cybersecurity companies

Now in the last couple of years there has been a BOOM of cybersecurity companies, all of these companies claim to have the solution of the century, the solution that YOU need in order to protect YOUR environment.

Before I start bashing products, I want to talk about those cybersecurity companies. A lot of these cybersecurity companies really do not know what they are doing. They are using products in such a matter that they see the result of that product as a final judge. Let’s take a look at a common security operation center, these SOCs all need people behind products that tell them what is wrong with the network or environment.

A lot of these people (I do not blame them) are fresh in the industry, so when they get instructions, they will focus on those instructions (immediately they are forced to be narrow-minded).

One of those instructions can be for example, to only take a look at the Threat Level 1 alerts or Threat Level 2 alerts, while dismissing threat levels alerts that are lower.

Another thing that I have learned, is that a lot of cybersecurity companies rely on third party information, which actually means that they are not in control. Let’s take a look at cyber threat intelligence companies, they all provide cyber threat intelligence and actionable threat intelligence, but when you take a look at the processes, you will notice that they do not own any labs or environments which will analyze and generate the threat intelligence for them. This is very worrying.

So always check the companies out, hell, visit those companies, they are telling you that they can help you forward, check how well they are doing, and when I mean check, I really mean go there, and have a look and talk. Do your own [email protected]#king research and do not only believe the sales-talks.


Once you take a look at your own environment, are you able to say that the knowledge within the company has been stored within a knowledgebase? An environment where people can search and pick up information?

I am talking about methods, procedures, guides, faqs and often made mistakes. These things can help your environment to become more aware of what is happening. At home, you can use quality time with your family to discuss these things. You can be their knowledgebase.

Do you even read the fu#king manual?

I got a big post about this here… but I am going to keep it short. Once you buy a product that has any type of connection available, then, for the sake of your own safety, do read the @!##king manual that comes with it. These manuals can contain information or steps which you need to take to ensure a secure product as it was meant to be delivered and used.

Do it yourself

As mentioned earlier, it is important to understand what you are dealing with, your understanding does not have to be complete, but just do understand what is happening. So try to hack or secure a device/environment yourself, discuss security with people in the industry and outside of the industry. You will be surprised what great talks and fun can come forward from those things. Do not be worried to make mistakes, mistakes can be fun, but they will always teach you something.

I hope that you understand that it is not about technical skills, it is about your freaking mindset.

Hu’rah and go have some chats with people!

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