Huzlers Fake news & Satire The world should know better

You can not have missed it, the satire website that has gone viral, is a website that is responsible for bringing some major hoaxes to the world. They published a hoax that McDonald is serving human meat and that Justin Bieber had killed a 7 year old boy, not just after that published a fake story about the Flappy Bird developer that would have committed suicide. is using the fact that people want to believe these kind of stories, some of them are being fooled by false titles and some of the people actually believe the stories. Now the embarrassing part comes when journalists that work for  big news companies report on these idiotic hoaxes. They are one of the reasons why actual relevant news is not being reported on.

The journalists that report on these cases and the Huzler websites and several other affiliates are using these tricks to gain massive traffic. But it is the same method Hackers are using on social media websites to scam on people. They spread massive hoaxes of shocking videos which unaware people click on. These hoaxes often lead to malicious websites that try to fool the user to install a malicious application on their social media account or on their personal computer.

So you can have a view of how many hoaxes there are being spread on Facebook alone, we have made a list of Hoaxes that are also spreading malware to infect the users. The users will then perform unwanted actions with their computer.

This week it was worldwide news that Obama would have had an affair with Beyonce, aren’t their more important things to be reported?! This week Anonymous hacked the Ukraine UDAR party that is responsible for the chaos in Ukraine. Earlier a report had been published that there is a massive spy-network that has been hidden for over 7 years.

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