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How to Use the Handbrake to Rip All DVDs on Windows 10?

Everybody is going digital these days, so everybody has a reason for getting a software like HandBrake DVD ripper. With handbrake you can save your entire DVD collections on your computer hard drive in digital files, and you also can convert videos into different file formats.

Do you have loads of DVD’s? Want to watch them on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or other portable devices?  Then, handbrake dvd ripper is one of the best free options you can get to rip your DVDs.

Of course there are many paid software available but many people still prefer the free tool and handbrake is the best tool for your needs.

What is Handbrake and Why Use It?

Handbrake is a free ripping software that comes with many features for newbies and intermediate users alike. The open source software can decrypt and convert a DVD into various formats that can be consumed on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, Television, or other mobile devices.

The main reason why many people want to use Handbrake is that it’s a free software that can rip most of the homemade DVDs.  The program features are great that can convert the DVD to the commonly use output files.

Beside handbrake, there are some other free tools that you can use to rip the DVDs like VLC Player, MKV but in my experience, it’s not as good as handbrake and other paid options.

In the following section, we will show you the guide to rip your DVD movie to other video format of your choice using Handbrake dvd ripping tool.

Install Handbrake and Decoder

If you already have Handbrake installed, you’d better check whether your version is out of date or not. Some new improvements have been made recently to the software, specifically for the iPad and iPhone. You can go to the handbrake site https://handbrake.fr/ to get the latest version.

After downloaded the file, just double-click on the .exe file and follow the instructions to install it. The steps are pretty simple.

After successfully install handbrake, you need to install a decoder so that handbrake can rip the commercial or copy-protected DVDs. Here are the steps:

  • Download the file from here. The file should look like libdvdcss-2.
  • Copy the file and paste it to the Handbrake installation folder. Usually you can find the handbrake installation folder on C:/Program Files/Handbrake
  • Once pasted the file, we are ready to start and backup or rip the DVDs.

Note: The Handbrake is only available to convert standard video DVDs which are normally playable in DVD players. So, if you have a DVD with individual video files in AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV, etc., you can’t use Handbrake to convert the files. 

Steps to Rip DVDs Using Handbrake

  1. Insert your video DVD disc into your computer DVD drive.
  2. Launch/start the Handbrake software. The Source Selection should selected the DVD you inserted.
  3. Click to open it and Handbrake will now scan your DVD. This will takes up some time depending on the contents (how big) of the DVD.
  4. Click on the Title and choose which DVD title you want to rip. Most of the time you should choose one with the longest duration.
  5. If you know, you can change the setting under the Presets but if you are unsure, just don’t touch it as the default settings can produce a good video output.
  6. Then in the Save As: column, click the Browse button to locate and choose the output destination file folder.
  7. Once you are ready, just click on Start Encode button (near the top screen) and the program will start ripping the DVD.

Wrapping Up

The Handbrake DVD Ripper is the best free dvd ripping software that you can rely on. Although the original software unable to rip the DVD with copy protection, but if you install a decoder (like mention in this article), the software can rip most of the commercial DVDs.

Alternatively, you can use the paid dvd rippers which is better in term of program features, system support and software stability. Also, a good ripping tool like Wonderfox or WinX DVD rippers is able to rip all types of DVDs including the copy protected discs.

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