Espionage is one of the persistent threats which a company faces each day. The latest developments now allow the game of Espionage to be upgraded to a new level. The game of the Spy planes and Drones has started to hit the information security field as drones and planes are being used for espionage practises. In this how to we are going to take a look on how you can take down a Drone or Spy plane without damaging your own environment.

How to takedown a drone

Lets start with the first thing which the most people think, just shoot down the drone?! Well, the dangers that come when you try to shoot down a drone in a factory for example is the fact that you are bringing the machines and people in a dangerous situation. So shooting down a Drone will not help if you are a company or a factory.

Jamming device

The second thing which might be called is to use a jamming device, again to jam the drone or airplane you will need to know the frequencies which it is using. Using a jammer will also impact your technical surrounding. So it is not a wise solution.

Arm yourself with a drone

The best thing which can be done is to get yourself a Drone which is capable of hitting other drones in the air. Only with a drone you will be able to fight a drone that is performing espionage on your company. Take a look at the following video which provides you a cool insight on how you can manage your drones to protect your company.

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