How to stay safe from spam emails

Every day we get frustrated by emails offering us loans, credit cards, various health services and healthcare products. These all junk emails are called spam. Now a day cyber criminals also send spam email to phish you, meaning they send phishing emails through theses spam related mails and if you fall in the trap of phishing mail, you may face various consequences like your personal information might be stolen, financial information might be stolen and these could lead to identity theft issues. You can stop these junk emails by taking various precautions. So to stay safe and avoid any mishap in your life, follow our tips.

From where and why we get so much spam emails
1. We subscribe various newsletters found on Internet, where we are asked to submit our email address to stay in contact with them & activate subscription.

2. We provide our email IDs to various surveys and polls. Later they use our email address to send us spam emails.

3. Various websites where we open accounts to get their services.

4. Various online marketers have huge numbers of email addresses. They send spam emails for marketing of their business, product and services.

Why we should avoid spam emails –
1. Firstly, spam emails are really frustrating and deleting theme is also a time consuming job. So to avoid frustration and to save time, you should avoid spam emails in your inbox.

2. Secondly, you don’t know spammers inner intentions, they may send you malicious email to trick you download malicious payloads on your system, by phishing email they may try to steal your personal information. So precaution and security is necessary in this case.

Here are some tips to avoid spam emails coming in your inbox

1. Avoid entering your primary emails everywhere – Do not use your primary emails everywhere to subscribe every newsletter. You may start using a secondary email for less important works, newsletters. Whenever possible use disposable email address. You will find disposable emails on internet at free of cost. and provides their services free. To avoid spam emails in your inbox these websites are your super helpful.

2. Never subscribe to a newsletter of untrustworthy websites – Never,never,never subscribe to newsletters belonging to an untrustworthy website. First get sure about their services, whether they send any cheesy marketing emails or not?

3. Never open untrustworthy person’s emails – If you found any email from a person you don’t know, do not trust then, do not open it, mark it as spam.

4. Do not respond to spam emails – After opening an email, if you suspect it as spam, then don’t respond to this email. Just simply mark it as spam. Never click any link or download any attachment, your system might be compromised by malicious payloads or links may redirect you to a phishing website.

5. Try to mark spam emails as spam never delete them – Never delete any spam email coming in your inbox, instead mark them as spam. This way your mail client will know which emails are spams. And also go to your mails spam folder and check where a genuine email mistakenly marked as spam or not. If your email client mistakenly marked any genuine email as spam, mark them as not spam. This way, your email client will realize his mistakes and never make any genuine email as spam email.

6. Use spam filter – Spam filters can help you by blocking spam emails coming to your inbox.

7. Unsubscribe if you don’t need that types of emails – If you want to lessen your stress, try to unsubscribe the newsletters which you don’t need. You will basically get unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page. By clicking these links you will be redirected to a page where you are told to confirm to your request and they will unsubscribe. But here is a catch. Some bad guys send unsubscribe links to know whether your email address is active or not? When you click on unsubscribe links they will get confirmed that your email is active and they will send more spam to you.

8. Don’t give your email address to unknown person – To avoid spam emails from your inbox never provide or communicate email address to someone you don’t know or trust.

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