How to start powershell in windows 10

This post is for the people which want to learn how to start powershell in Windows 10 by simply using a couple of clicks. The Windows 10 Powershell application allows the operator to instruct and perform powerful commands via the powershell application.

You can start Windows Powershell in Windows 10 in a couple of ways, you can use the Powershell console or you can use the Windows PowerShell ISE window.

The Windows Powershell ISE window allows you to provide a script and commands in an editor which is specifically made for Windows Powershell users. The graphical user interface of Powershell holds various modules which can be inserted with a click and it holds multiple add-ons which can be a great help in some projects.

How to start Powershell in Windows 10

The first thing which we are going to try  is to start the Windows Powershell via the Administrative Tools panel which is located in the System and Security folder (Control panel).

Go ahead and navigate to your control panel, you can do this by clicking on your right mouse button while you are hovering on the start button on the desktop. It will load a menu, and in that menu you will find the control panel button. Click on it.

Now that you are in the control panel view, we will click on the “System and Security” button, this will lead us to a new screen which will hold the “Administrative tools” button. Click on it.

powershell windows 10

The new screen will hold the “Windows Powershell ISE” shortcut. Once you click on the shortcut, it will start the Windows 10 Powershell.

Another way to get to the Windows 10 Powershell application is by using the seach option and searching for “Powershell”. This will show you the “Powershell CMD” shortcut. This does not contain a graphical user interface but it does allow you to run Powershell commands through it.

Make sure that when you are using the PowerShell application that you use the “Administrator” right if needed.

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