How to secure windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system for many, but it is important to secure the Windows 10 operating system against unwanted actions and malicious activities. Microsoft has always been a main target for cybercriminals and hackers. The hackers which target the Windows 10 environments, use specially developed hacking tools to find vulnerabilities in Windows 10.

This “How to secure Windows 10” guide, will guide you in the process of securing your Windows 10 environment in such an way that it will become extremely hard for cybercriminals and hackers to penetrate your environment.

Just do remember that 0-day exploits will be found for Windows 10 and that it is a continues process of securing your Windows 10 environment and in the most cases the cybercriminals and hackers will perform social engineering attacks in a combination with digital attacks.

How to secure Windows 10

Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever.  In the official Microsoft 10 blog, they have explained that Windows 10 has built-in security protections which help the Windows 10 user to detect and mitigate Windows 10 viruses, phishing attacks and malware.

Biometric security with Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system of Microsoft has an service installed which is called “Windows Hello“. This service allows the Windows 10 user to login by using biometrical security solutions.

The Windows 10 user can use the finger print or the face recognition service to login on the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft Edge

The Windows 10 operating system uses the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer titled “Microsoft Edge”. Microsoft claims that their browser is the most secure browser to use. It is not a big suprise that Microsoft will claim that their browser is the best.

There are a couple of browsers which I recommend you to use. The Mozilla FireFox browser is one of the great browsers which focuses on security and privacy. The browser allows the user to install plugins which will increase the security status of the Windows 10 device. The same goes for the Google browser “Chrome”. The Google Chrome Browser allows the user to install various plugins which will enhance the Windows 10 security status.

Windows 10 antivirus

The How to secure Windows 10 tutorial cannot be correct if it did not included the advice to install an antivirus application on the Windows 10 operating system.

Earlier we mentioned that cybercriminals and hackers mainly target Microsoft operating systems, so it is not a big surprise that there is a massive choice in antivirus vendors which will claim that they are the right solution.

We have published an Windows 10 Antivirus guide on Cyberwarzone, which will instruct you on which antivirus solutions you can install on the Windows 10 operating system. The antivirus products which have been listed in that post are selected because they have a good reputation on securing home users and small business environment, if you are in a large environment like an enterprise, I strongly urge you to contact an security consultant to discuss possible security options and services.

But if you want to stay with the default Microsoft antivirus solution, then I recommend you to download, install and update the Windows Defender product.

Windows 10 hacking

You can use various hacking tools to test your Windows 10 operating system for vulnerabilities. Previously we published an post on Windows 10 hacking tools. The post includes tools which will allow you to audit an Windows 10 environment. The tools are used to gain an insight in vulnerabilities of the targeted environments.

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