How to remove Surftastic adware perfectly – Potentially Unwanted Program

In the automated installation process, the software has all the rights to do whatever it wants, and it is likely that Surftastics has been installed via an bundled application which has been downloaded by  the user.

In the custom installation process, the user is still in control, the user will be able to select which plug-ins and extra services should be installed or not, and it is in this step, which the user can decide to install Surftastics or not.

So I repeat, ALWAYS go for the “custom installation” option and skip the automated installation process.

How to remove Surftastics

There are various ways, which will allow you to remove the PUP. The first option is to use the default operating system “Uninstall” tool which you can find in the control panel (Windows).

The other way is to use an anti-virus tool, which will scan the device for unwanted programs and malicious files. I strongly recommend this option, as it will also allow you to identify other files which might have been installed via the malicious application.

  1. Download an anti-virus (
  2. Update the anti-virus to the latest version
  3. Perform a Threat scan on your device

malwarebytes 1malwarebytes 2

Do not stop until the Malware Bytes screen looks like the screenshot below. We are going for 0 Threats on the device.

malwarebytes 3