How to remove GSave adware perfectly – Potentially Unwanted Program

GSave has been identified as a potentially unwanted program(PUP). This means that GSave carries some code which tries to perform unwanted actions on devices which have the application installed.

In many cases, the PUP can be deleted by using an up to date anti-virus, but if the PUP is not detected immediately by the anti-virus, there are still some options which will result in the removal of GSave

Potentially unwanted program

A PUP is often very intrusive as it will try to hijack various processes which run on a computer or smart phone. The processes or environments which are often targeted are the browsers on the device or computer, but the PUP could also edit important configuration files on the device which hold rules on how the device should behave and interact with other devices (internet).

So if the application is showing the following signs, GSave

  • Hijacks / Opens various random pages via the browser
  • Locks or hijacks the control of the device
  • The device is sending / receiving more spam then usual
  • If advertisements and pop-ups are activated by GSave

Why do devices get infected with Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)?

On a monthly basis, millions of new programs are written and published, a lot of them can be classified as potentially unwanted programs. GSave

So yes, PUPs are often installed on devices because the users are tricked or are simply unaware.

How PUPs are installed and how to avoid them

Software suppliers provide a neat installation screen, and in this screen, the user is often allowed to select between an automated installation or a custom installation. It is strongly recommended to ALWAYS choose the custom installation.

In the automated installation process, the software has all the rights to do whatever it wants, and it is likely that GSave has been installed via an bundled application which has been downloaded by  the user.