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How to remove getfyle.com pop-up ads step by step

If you are trying to get rid of the getfyle.com pop-up ads, then you are on the right place. In this post, we are going to take a look on how you can easily delete the getfyle.com adware/malware from your computer or device.

But before we start removing the getfyle.com pop-ups from your device, we will need to understand with what type of malware we are dealing with, and how it was possible that the device got infected by malware which is served via the getfyle.com environment.

Fake Video player

The getfyle.com website claims that the victim needs to download, install and use a “video player”. This video player is a fake video player which has been loaded with malicious code. Once the victim downloads and runs the getfyle.com malware, the malware will be activated and it will try to communicate with the cybercriminal which is operating the malware. It is also known that the “Fake Video Player” will install pop-up configurations on the device, which in order will load annoying pop-up advertisements.

Fake Update

Another method which is being used by the cybercriminals, is the “Update” method. The cybercriminals will claim that the victims browser or video player is outdated, and that it needs to be updated. The cybercriminals will provide an “fake update” to the victim. The “update” contains malicious code, which will perform the same tasks which we have described in the “Fake video player” piece.

How do devices get infected by getfyle.com malware

The device which are performing malicious activities after visiting the getfyle.com website have been infected by malware. The malware is often installed by unaware users which try to watch or visit a specific video or page. The getfyle.com page will claim that the user needs to perform various steps like the “fake Video Player” or “Fake¬† Update”¬† installation, and sadly some victims actually perform these steps.

What does getfyle.com malware do?!

We have read various articles which provide information on the getfyle.com malware, and it seems that the getfyle.com has been mainly setup to collect personal information from the victims and it is also serving as a Click jacking and Survey environment.

How to remove the getfyle.com malware

If you want to remove the getfyle.com malware from your device, I strongly urge you to download an antivirus application from Microsoft, AVG or any other party which you prefer. Install the antivirus application on your computer, make sure that you update it to the latest version, and then run the antivirus application on your device. The antivirus application will look for malicious content and it will also be able to identify the getfyle.com malware on your device.

If that does not work, feel free to leave a comment on this post, so we can help you forward.

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