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How to record desktop in Kali Linux

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In this guide, we will focus on teaching you how to record your desktop in Kali Linux. There can be various reasons why you want to record your desktop, and one of the biggest reasons we find is that people want to create Kali Linux tutorials, and that is just great.

Desktop record option in Kali Linux

Kali Linux comes with it’s own desktop recording tool, this tool is called recordmydesktop, it is installed by default in the Kali Linux distribution.

Record my Desktop tool in Kali Linux 2020

Start recordmydesktop

The easiest way to start recordmydesktop is by navigating to your search menu, and typing in recordmydesktop. The tool should pop-up and you will be able to start the tool by clicking on it.

If that does not work, open up your terminal, and type ‘recordmydesktop’ followed by enter. This command should start the tool.

sudo recordmydesktop

The tool can also be found by following this tree in the menu

  1. Applications
  2. Kali Linux
  3. Reporting Tools
  4. Media Capture
  5. recordmydesktop

Share this with people that should know this: