How to protect your PC against hackers

Cybercriminals and hackers are always on the hunt for unaware users which are using an unprotected device. These hackers and cybercriminals lure on social media networks, public websites and forums. They are looking for unaware users which are in need of some assistance or tools. The chance is very high that you have looked up serial numbers on the internet. A lot of the links which claim to have a serial key available are malicious and lead the unaware user to a malicious page which serves malicious files and adware.

Now we are going to take a look on how we can protect our precious computer and information against hackers and cybercriminals which try to outsmart us on the internet.

To do this we will have to keep a couple of rules in mind:

  • We cannot use illegal software which we obtained from the internet or from friends
  • We have to use up to date software
  • We have to use up to date hardware
  • We will patch our systems when we can
  • We will not run the device as an administrator
  • We will not use Public Wifi access points

Yes, the rules above are very important. Now that we are aware of the rules we are going to take a look at the counter measures which we can take to stop malicious hackers and cybercriminals from entering our devices. We might even be able to stop state government hackers from breaching into our systems.

Legal Windows operating system

It is very important to use a legal operating system. The legal operating systems are often deployed with standard security packages which provide a first security layer on the operating system. The illegal operating systems which you can find on various website often contain malicious codes which have stripped the standard security packages from the operating systems.

If you need to buy a official Windows operating system, i strongly recommend you to go to your nearest computer store. They will be able to help you with a legal operating system which will run on your device.

You can pick from these legal operating systems:

This how to protect your pc against hackers guide mainly focuses on the Windows operating systems. But if you need a legal Linux operating system, you can take a look at the official and free Ubuntu operating system.

Install your applications with the administrator user

Once your operating system is running, you will be able to create another user. First create the user which you will use for operating the device. We will use the administrator user account to administrate the device.

This will add another security layer to your computer as it will force the cybercriminal to first gain access to the operating user account, and once he has the operating user account, he will need to gain access to the administrator account. See, we just added another barrier and barriers are good.


You will see this in any guide which teaches unaware people on how to protect their pc against hackers. You will need an anti-virus application installed on your computer. The anti-virus application will help you to defend your computer or device against cybercriminals or hackers. The hackers and cybercriminals will try to infect your computer with malicious codes which are often hidden in genuine looking applications and pictures.

Compatible Anti-virus applications for Windows
Compatible Anti-virus applications for Windows

The anti-virus application will scan the files which will try to perform actions on the device. The anti-virus application will use various detection methods to halt malicious codes to perform actions on your computer.

Do remember that it is very important to keep your anti-virus application up to date with the latest database updates and patches. Cybercriminals sometimes use techniques which allow them to disable outdated anti-virus applications, so always keep them up to date!

You can download free anti-virus applications from the providers below:

The anti-virus application is just another layer which will make it harder for the hackers and cybercriminals to penetrate your computer or device.


Each genuine and official operating system will have a firewall which you can use to protect your device. In the windows operating system, you will be able to activate the Firewall service. The Firewall service will close the “doors” on your computer which should be “closed”. The Firewall service will also open specific “doors” for your applications so they will be able to work. The Firewall service will be another barrier on your device which is needed very hard!

Another service which you can run on your computer is the Botrevolt service. This service has a massive list of malicious IP’s which is blocks from connecting to your device. The Botrevolt service claims to hold 1 billion malicious IP addresses.

You can download the Botrevolt application here.


Another security layer which we need to add is the security layer of your router. Most routers allow access via the external IP. We need to chance the password from our router and if we do not login from the external IP to configure the router, we should DISABLE this option.

You can find this option in your router. Make sure you disable the remote administrator access if you do not use it.

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