How To Prevent People From Hacking Your Facebook Account

Cybercriminals, hackers, angry boyfriends or girlfriends might want to hack your Facebook account, so we have decided to write a full guide on How To Prevent People From Hacking Your Facebook Account.

We need to be very clear on this, this is not a guide on how to hack a Facebook account, but it is a guide on how to secure your Facebook account in the most perfect way.

Weird applications

The first thing that gets the most people hacked are the malicious application which are shared and developed on Facebook. Cybercriminals and hackers are often capable of writing codes which will steal personal information from infected users. The cybercriminals and hackers on Facebook will develop Facebook applications which will allow them to control the Facebook account of each person which is using the malicious Facebook application.

weird facebook applications
weird facebook applications

Facebook does not run an active check on malicious Facebook applications, instead they depend on the Facebook users and victims to report the malicious applications before they get flagged by Facebook as malicious.

So we did a fast search on the internet, and we found tons of fake Facebook applications which claim that they can allow access to Facebook accounts. Teenagers often get hacked by real hackers as they try to install a fake “Facebook hacking” toolkit from a Youtube video.