How to install EkFiddle

If you want to install EkFiddle, then you are at the right spot, in this article, we will discuss on how to install EKFiddle, so that you can use Fiddler for malware analysis in a more structured way.

Get Fiddler from 

Get EKFiddle from

Advantages of EKFiddle

  • Quicksave
  • UI mode
  • VPN
  • Proxy
  • Import SAZ/PCAP
  • View/Edit regexes
  • Run regexes
  • Clear markings
  • ContextAction menu
  • Extract IOCs
  • Extract to disk
  • VirusTotal lookup
  • Hybrid Analysis lookup
  • Calculate MD5
  • Calculate SHA256
  • And much more
Settings Window
Fiddler EK

First, install Fiddler

First thing you will need to do, is to install Fiddler, in this article, we will discuss the installation of Fiddler for the Windows operating system

Navigate to the official Fiddler website, and download Fiddler. Once the download has completed, install Fiddler to the preferred location on your system.

Change the tools

Now that you have installed Fiddler, it is time to change the tools that are being used by Fiddler.


Launch Fiddler and navigate towards Tools. Then click on the options tab. Change the tools to your preferred tools. This can be for example, notepad.exe.

The tools options in Fiddler

Once the above has been performed, you will need to restart Fiddler.

Change the scripts to c#

In the scripting tab, change the default script language to c#.

The scripting options in Fiddler

Once the above has been performed, you will need to restart Fiddler.

Download the custom rules for EKFiddle

Now that you have changed the tools and the scripts, you can forward to installing the CustomRules.cs file that is provided by malwareinfosec.

Download and place the CustomRules.cs file at:


Restart Fiddler and start using EKFiddle

Once the steps above have been performed, you will have to restart Fiddler, once Fiddler has started, it will inform you that it is going to install EKFiddle. Allow the installation to continue.

Once the installation is completed, you can start enjoying the new features in your EKFiddle

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